About Charles "Damian" Allen

Lockdown met Damian one bloody hot day at Combat Zone in Oroville Ca. Immediately we felt at home with TAW Scenarios.  We felt almost like family and over the years we became family.  No other producer put more fun into the game than TAW.  We watched each others children grow up, watched each other do strange and unusual things, we left our dignity at the gate and had more fun then any  other time on a Paintball field. Truly the Golden Age of Scenario Paintball. Damian has moved on to other pursuits, someday we want to trade paint with him again. 

Oahu (Later Lockdown) Scenarios

Without  Damian's help Lockdown Scenarios would have never existed.  In 2007 Fridaddy was approached by a field owner in Hawai'i  to do a Scenario Paintball game.  With great hesitance he spoke with Damian fully expecting to be thrown out of the store.  Damian sat down on the floor and started reading the scenario, then he threw out the scenario, pulled out a pen and paper, and started writing. Several hours later Oahu Scenarios was up and running. After several games in Hawai'i  we morphed into Lockdown Scenarios on the mainline


When we saw TAWPaintball.com on the market we snatched it up so no unscrupulous persons would make it a match site, redirect to porn, or some other ridiculous idea.  We wanted to say thank you to the man who helped us grow as paintballers, and as persons.  Thank You Damian!  We could not have done it without you.